How to get Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Heart Crystals are a new item for Wedding Season, that you will be able to trade for special furniture and items that are only available during the event. Wedding Season runs from June 1 to June 30, so you have a lot of time to gather them up.

To get Heart Crystals, you will need to visit Harv’s Island. When you first login during June, Isabelle will announce the start of Wedding Season, and Harv will call you to ask for your help. He is doing a photoshoot for a happy couple and needs your help to get it all set up.

Go and visit Harv’s Island, speak with Cyrus and Reese, then set up the photo to match what they like. When you take the shot and they are happy, you will get a free item of furniture and some Heart Crystals.

Be sure to check back with Cyrus and Reese each day to earn more Heart Crystals, and get access to more furniture. At the moment it would appear that you will be able to work on a new photo each day with the happy couple, and will get some Heart Crystals each time you finish helping them out. This will then allow you to get more furniture for the event.

You can then purchase the items directly from Cyrus, who will have a new selection of items available each day.

Wedding Season Items

  • Wedding Bench – 5 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Decorations – 3 Heart Crystals
  • White wedding wall – 12 Heart Crystals
  • White wedding flooring – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Blue wedding rug – 4 Heart Crystals