How to get Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Find this monster material and transform it into powerful armor.

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The Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be challenging to obtain. It’s a particular material that drops from a specific monster, meaning you will need to hunt this creature yourself or with a small group willing to take it down. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get the Hellfire Shard in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to get a Hellfire Shard

The only creature that drops a Hellfire Shard is Teostra. You will need to battle against this monster in Master Rank, which means working your way through the Sunbreak campaign. You will have the chance to encounter a Teostra eventually. If you do not see this monster as an available Master Rank hunt, we recommend working on any urgent quests available at Elgado Outpost or leveling up your Master Rank.

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Once you have the chance to challenge Teostra in a hunt, the best way to earn a Hellfire Shard is by receiving it as a dropped material, or it’s given to you as a target reward, which is a 30% and a 31% chance to obtain it, respectively. The other alternative is defeating Teostra and carving it from its body or the tail. However, the tail will be a challenging material to cut, and we recommend using a Severing weapon on this part whenever you can during the encounter.

Unfortunately, Tesotra does not have a chance to drop this material if you capture it. Therefore, slaying this creature will be the best way to receive a Hellfire Shard. If you’re having trouble receiving this item, you might want to grab a Gold Wirebug and ride a creature against it, which gives you more dropped materials than you would typically receive.