All Boggi item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Seek out these monsters in a particular region.

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Boggi in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are a type of bird wyvern you might encounter on your travels. You can find them in a single location, and they have a small number of resources available to you. However, these items might be useful for you back at Elgado Outpost, and knowing what they drop gives you a better idea of their importance and chances of receiving those items. In this guide, we’re going to cover all Boggi item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find Boggi

You can find Boggi in the Citadel, a new region introduced in the Sunbreak expansion. You will gain access to this area when you make it to Master Rank three, and you defeat the Garangolm, one of the three lords of this region. Because Boggi appears exclusively in this region, so you can find it in both Master Rank quests and expeditions, but you will need to select Master Rank every time.

All Boggi material drops

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These are all the material drops you can obtain from a Boggi.

  • Boggi Thickhide: 52% from carves
  • Boggi Shard: 33% from carves
  • Crushing Fang: 15% from carves

Every time you take down a Boggi, there’s a good chance you can find a Boggi Thickhide from carving this creature. You have less of an opportunity to obtain a Boggi Shard or a Crushing Fang, but the Crushing Fang can drop off multiple monsters, such as the Jaggia, Jaggi, Baggi, or the Wroggi.

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If you do not immediately need these resources, we recommend sending out your buddies to hunt them in the Citadel region at Master Rank. It might be better to receive any of those items every once in a while, but doing it yourself gets the job done faster, and Boggi are all over the Citadel area.