How to get HUT Loyalty rewards in NHL 22

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Image from EA Sports

NHL 22 is now live, and this is the first time that the series will have a version for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If you’ve played Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) in NHL 19, 20, or 21, you might be in line to get some Loyalty rewards packs from EA. These packs don’t pack a big punch, but you might be able to acquire some useful items for sets, plus build and initial lineup. Here’s how can you get obtain these packs.

Before we get into how to claim the rewards, let’s quickly go over how many you can receive. Players can receive up to 10 loyalty packs. This number is based on how many games between NHL 19 and NHL 21 you played. Here’s a breakdown, per EA:

  • 1 NHL game – 3 Loyalty Reward Packs
  • 2 NHL games – 5 Loyalty Reward Packs
  • 3 NHL games – 10 Loyalty Reward Packs

To note, returning user rewards, or ‘Loyalty Reward’ Packs, should populate in your Unopened Packs inbox upon loading the HUT game mode for the first time. This won’t be the case if your first log-in attempt was during the EA Play early access phase. The reason for this is because EA won’t reward you with returning packs unless you have purchased a copy of the game. So, if you purchased the Standard or X-Factor Edition, you should be good to go.

If this doesn’t happen, however, try going over to the HUT home screen. From here, hit X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation) to check and search for additional rewards. This, however, might not work, If you believe you are entitled to any returning rewards, and none of these methods above work, you might want to contact EA Customer Service.