How to get legendary outfits in Knockout City

Get the fanciest clothes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Like so many other recent online multiplayer games, Knockout City has a bunch of cosmetics to help you separate yourself from your teammates and opponents. They are categorized in a tier system like you might see in a loot game, with common, uncommon, rare, and epic rarities. Similar to those games, the hardest to get and most desired outfits are Legendary. Here is how to get Legendary outfits in Knockout City.

Legendary outfits in Knockout City can be acquired in a few different ways. For starters, leveling up your profile through Street Rank by playing the game can give you a chance at earning a Legendary outfit. There is no guarantee that it will be a Legendary tier, as you will cycle through different content as you level up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two ways to purchase yourself a Legendary outfit, but not whenever you want. The more likely method is to wait for an event to happen. An example would be the Summer Heatwave event, which featured an exclusive store with various content in it, including Legendary content.

The other method is the Brawl Shop. As you gather Holobux, you can spend it here. The available cosmetics rotate out each day, so come back with 1,000 Holobux to purchase a Legendary when it becomes available.