How to get Luma Temtem

Luma Temtem are the rarest of them all, so how do you get them?


Image via Crema

Luma Temtem are rare variants of standard Temtem. They can be found all over the game, but are extremely rare. They will mostly appear as different colored versions of the regular Temtem. When you first see them, they will have a flash of light around them, so they are easy to spot, even if they are challenging to find.

What makes Luma Temtem so valuable is that they have better stats than the normal Temtem. Their Single Values will be increased, and three of their core stats will be at the max level of 50.

How to catch a Luma Temtem

To catch a Luma Temtem, you need to explore the game. Just by playing, you will always have a small chance of running into a Luma Temtem. The odds are low, at 1/6000, so don’t expect to see them very often.

Breeding can also produce Luma Temtem, although getting the first one so that you can breed them is a challenge. While you can randomly breed a Luma, the odds of this are the same as catching one in the wild, at 1/6000.

Once you get your first Luma Temtem, you can start to improve those odds a bit. A Luma as a parent will increase the odds of an egg producing another Luma to 1/600. If both parents are Luma, then the odds increase to 1/60. This makes breeding Luma much more manageable as the game goes on.

When you do finally get your first Luma, breeding them is definitely the way to go. Make sure you read our Temtem breeding guide to learn the ropes. It is not that complicated, but there are some important pieces of information you should know if you want to start breeding them.