Roblox Ohio codes (March 2023)

We’re not in Ohio anymore.

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Ohio, if the Roblox version is to be believed, is a land of chaos. The developers of this Roblox experience have taken real-world locations within one of the most boring states in the U.S. and turned them into a Grand Theft Auto level. There are shootouts, turf wars, and the occasional alien invasion to contend with.

Like many Roblox games, Ohio offers players the chance to redeem codes for new pets and other bonuses that will help them survive in the game. This Roblox third-person shooter is one of the more unforgiving games on the platform, with every item being lost upon player death. Be sure to take any advantage you can get, including redeeming these codes.

All Roblox Ohio codes list

Last updated: March 17, 2023

Added new codes!

Roblox Ohio codes (Working)

Here are all the current codes for Roblox Ohio.

  • STPATRICK — Reward: 2k Cash (New)
  • LUCKY — Reward: 5k Cash (New)
  • EMOTE — Reward: 5k Cash
  • 30M — Reward: 5k Cash
  • THXFOR10K — Reward: 5k Cash
  • HOUSE — Reward: 5k Cash
  • JOBS — Reward: 5k Cash
  • 10M — Reward: 2k Cash
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS — Reward: 2k Cash
  • OhioChristmas — Reward: A free Deagle

Roblox Ohio Codes (Expired)

  • There are no currently expired codes for Roblox Ohio

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Ohio

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the simple steps needed to redeem codes in Roblox Ohio:

  1. Click on the settings cog in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Click on the right side of the screen to move the menu to the next screen and click on the Codes button that appears
  3. Type the code into the text box that appears
  4. Click Redeem and your rewards will be added to your character

How to get more Roblox Ohio codes

The developers of Roblox Ohio tend to release new codes alongside new updates or content tied to specific times of the year. They usually announce new codes on their Twitter account. You can also join their Discord server to find out when new codes are released.

Why won’t my Roblox Ohio codes work?

Be sure that you’ve typed the code correctly. If you are copying and pasting it, make sure you haven’t added an extra space at the end of the code as this will make it appear invalid. If you’re sure you’re typing the code correctly, the developers may have removed the code from the game unexpectedly, usually in preparation for another code to take its place.

Why can’t I play Roblox Ohio on my account?

To prevent players from flooding the system with multiple accounts to cheat, many Roblox developers enforce rules on who is allowed to log into their game. In Roblox Ohio, all accounts must be at least 10 days old to join a server. This means that if you’ve recently signed up for a Roblox account, you will have to wait until at least 10 days have passed to play this game.

What is Roblox Ohio?

Roblox Ohio offers a tongue-in-cheek look at one of the most mundane states in the US by flooding the streets of Ohio with wild action. There are rampant gang wars to get embroiled in, robots to fight, and the occasional alien invasion to contend with. It is more violent than most Roblox games, with blood effects similar to what you’d find in a Grand Theft Auto title.