How to get Mangrove Propagules in Minecraft

Start creating a Mangrove forest.

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Mangrove Trees only appear in select areas of your Minecraft world. They began spawning following the 1.19 update, and they’re a unique tree you can break down and use in a handful of crafting projects. You may want to bring them home with you because you can only find them in a distinct location, cutting your travel time down significantly. To do this, you need a Mangrove Propagule. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Mangrove Propagules in Minecraft.

How to get Mangrove Propagules

You can find a Mangrove Propagule hanging off an already existing Mangrove Tree. The only way to locate a Mangrove Tree is to find it in a Mangrove Swamp, which is the only location it appears. You can find a Mangrove Swamp by searching for hot sites in your Minecraft world, notably the desert and jungle biomes. Once you find one of these locations, there’s a good chance a Mangrove Swamp could be nearby, but it’s not guaranteed.

You will not need to use a tool with Silk Touch on it. Instead, all you have to do is knock out the tree, even using your character’s hands, to retrieve the item and bring it back with you. You can set it down in nearly any block, and you can also grow these trees underwater. When you set the Propagule down, you will need to use bone meal on the item to have it grow into a proper Mangrove Tree. The Mangrove Tree you grow will also have Propagules on it, allowing you to create a larger Mangrove forest at any location you want in your Minecraft world.

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You can use Mangrove trees to create Mangrove logs and planks, giving you access to multiple crafting projects, such as campfires, smokers, barrels, boats, and much more.