How to get more colors for Custom Designs app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here’s how to add a little more color to your island wardrobe…

Pro Tanktop Design

If you are looking to spice up your Animal Crossing: New Horizons wardrobe, and the colors you start out with may not cut it for you. Not to worry, there is a way to get more palettes and even edit each individual color to your liking. Here’s how.

Getting the Pro Designs app upgrade

  1. Pay of your moving fees
    When you arrive at your island, you owe Tom Nook 5,000 miles. Gather miles by completing various quests and turn in 5,000 of them.
  2. Bring 800 miles to the Nook Stop
    Once you have paid off your miles, you will gain access to the Redeem Nook Miles option at the Nook Stop. You will need 800 additional miles to purchase the Pro Designs upgrade for your Custom Designs app.
Screengrab via Nintendo

Once you have the Pro Designs upgrade, who can go into the app, you will have access to new Pro Patterns and a whole slew of new colors.


Under tools, with Change Palette you can choose what palette you would like to work with, from a selection of 14 different preset palettes. Each palette has 15 different colors to choose from.

Pro Palettes
Screengrab via Nintendo

Editing Colors

Can’t find a preset color or palette that tickles your fancy? No problem. You can also edit colors individually to get that exact shade you’re looking for. With the Change Color option, you can use 3 different sliders to adjust the color: Hue, Vividness, and Brightness.

Pro Coloring
Screengrab via Nintendo

Due to the palettes only having 15 colors, you cannot create a design that uses more than 15 colors in it, but every color can be hand-picked within that amount, if you so choose.

New Colors Everywhere

These new color options will work regardless of whether you want to make a basic or pro design, so you may use these options to edit designs you have already made, as well as use them for face paint designs too, which are not available in the Pro Design section.

You can use these colors for all future fashion creations.