How to get more inventory space in your Snak Pack in Bugsnax

Carry more.


Image via Sony

In Bugsnax, you will start the game with limited inventory space. Your inventory, known as your Snak Pack, can only hold so many Bugsnax, so you might need to let some of them go if there are ones you really need to carry and your inventory is full.

Thankfully, you can expand your inventory space by helping out Gramble, one of the folks who live on the island. After you convince Gramble to move back to Snaxburg, he will go back to working on his farm, and he is always looking for more Bugsnax to keep there. 

There will be a donation box at the front of the farm, and if you have any extra Bugsnax, you can donate them here by interacting with the donation box. As you donate more and more Bugsnax, you will unlock extra slots in your inventory. 

The number of Bugsnax you need to donate will increase by six each time, starting with six. Each time you hit a new rank, you will unlock two more slots in your Snak Pack. Eventually, you will have plenty of inventory space to carry around all the Bugsnax you need, and the maximum amount of Bugsnax you will be able to hold at one time is 18.

It’s a good idea to just grab some extra Bugsnax each time you plan on heading back to Snaxburg and putting them in the donation box, this way you will quickly max out your inventory space.