How to get mushroom oil in Tribes of Midgard

Bring back the oil to cook some potions.

Image via Norsfell Games

If you’re looking to create some of the better potions in Tribes of Midgard at Ölivir’s station where he’ll be able to supply you with the best ways to replenish your health and mana. When you’re ready to create some of the more advanced recipes, you’re going to need to obtain mushroom oil. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to adventure further out away from your village and outside the Bright Forest to find it. This guide details how you can get mushroom oil in Tribes of Midgard.

The best locations you can find mushroom oil will be in the Land of Pools. This area typically ranges from power level 40 to 120. First, you’re going to encounter Goblins, small, dangerous creatures that are pretty quick. Thankfully, they only take a few hits before you take them down. Thus, they’re the less perilous enemy that you can find in this area. Next, you might encounter the Linnorm, a dragon-large creature that is pretty tanky and can be difficult to defeat if you don’t have enough damage. Alternatively, you might have sour luck and encounter an Ogre, a massive creature nearly as considerable as a Jötunn, that can deal some heavy ranged damage against you.

The mushroom nodes in the Land of Pools give you mushroom oil. There are two types. There are the stormcap mushrooms and the lunar stormcap mushrooms. You’re more likely going to find the regular stormcap mushrooms, but if you notice one that has a distinct blue shine to it, that’s the lunar stormcap mushroom, which has a chance to drop mushroom moon bolts.

You’ll want to find a shrine that can give you direct access to the Land of Pools so you can regularly make trips out there to obtain the many helpful resources to bring back to camp. Ölivir is always willing to trade with you, giving you the best potions in Tribes of Midgard.