How to get Perception Shards and what to use them for in Lost Ark

Head to a Chaos Gate.

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Lost Ark has a lot of different resources acquired through the game’s many quest systems and activities, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you sometimes find something in your inventory you don’t remember looting. Perception Shards are one of those nondescript Lost Ark resources, only found and used in a specific area of the game. This quick guide will explain what Perception Shards are, and what you can use them for in Lost Ark.

Perception Shards have a chaos theme to them, as they are only found in two Lost Ark activities — Chaos Dungeons and Chaos Gates — and seem interchangeable with Disorder Crystals (chaos and disorder, get it?) Once you hit level 50 you can run Chaos Dungeons once a day, and you will get Perception Shards as part of the standard rewards for this fairly easy activity. Chaos Gates come by less frequently, and you should keep an eye on your in-game event calendar to know when a Chaos Gate is available.

To use the Perception Shards you’ve collected in Lost Ark, you should head to the Chaos Dungeon vendor, an NPC found near each Chaos Dungeon in the game. Perception Shards can be traded in for Engraving Books, Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, certain Jewelry, and Stone Fragments. The Chaos Dungeon vendor will also accept Disorder Crystals as payment for these items.