How To Get Perfect Skins In Red Dead Redemption 2

The hunting system is Red Dead Redemption 2 is surprisingly robust! There is a lot to get to grips with, but one thing you will want to know is how to get a perfect skin! These can be needed for a variety of crafting items in the game, and are a must if you plan on getting some fancy new clothes from the trapper.

How To Get Perfect Skins

The first aspect of getting a perfect skin is to find the right animal. Not everything in the wilderness has a perfect skin! The animal’s health will dictate the condition of its skin or pelt. To figure out how healthy an animal is, take out your binoculars and look through them. Hold R1, and the animal’s current condition will pop up on screen. One star is a poor quality skin, two stars mean good quality, while three stars will yield a pristine or perfect skin.

The second aspect of getting a perfect skin is how you kill the animal. It shouldn’t be a surprise that blasting something apart with a shotgun will reduce the quality of whatever skin is left. Your kills on animals are also graded as Poor, Good and Perfect, and you need to combine a perfect skin with a perfect kill to get what you need. What you want to do is land a one-shot kill to a vital area, resulting in fatal damage. This means you are aiming for the heart or the brain, hopefully with a bow and arrow to reduce damage to the surrounding area.

Dead Eye will be your friend here, as at higher ranks it will allow you to see the organs of your target, and will slow time sufficiently so you can get a good shot off. You want to approach the animal from downwind, to avoid giving away your presence. Mostly it all boils down to practice makes perfect! Like everything else, it is something you can get better at with time, so if you don’t bag that perfect skin the first time around, don’t give up!

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