How to Get Pre-order Bonuses for Jedi: Fallen Order


Those who pre-ordered their copy of Jedi: Fallen Order have a handful of customization options for Cal’s lightsaber, BD-1, and the ship, the Mantis. Players are going to gain immediate access to these when they play the game.

There’s no particular way to access or to open them up. All players need to do is make sure they pre-ordered the game before it released. If they did, after they get through the tutorial mission and arrive on Bogano, they change BD-1’s appearance and the Mantis.

To do this, go into the “Customization” area in the main menu. It’s right next to “Abilities” and the “Databank.” From here, players can choose the type of clothing Cal is going to wear, BD-1’s, and the Mantis’ color.

Getting the chance to change the lightsaber takes a little bit longer, but players should be able to modify it after patching up BD-1’s leg. There’s a brief cutscene where Cal patches BD-1 up. After this cutscene, return to the workbench Cal was at to help BD-1 and hit the right trigger down to customize Cal’s lightsaber.

All of the pre-order options players received for their copy of the game should be available, such as the orange crystal, the Mygeeto appearance, and the Umbaran appearance. Whenever players want to modify these settings for Cal’s lightsaber, they’re going to need to visit a workbench.