How to get Prismatic cards in Legends of Runeterra

How to get those flashy cards.

In the latest update to Legends of Runeterra, players will now be able to add more style to their deck with the use of Prismatic cards. Prismatic cards give your spells, followers, champions, and buildings a flashy border around them, letting you make an impression on the board. But how do you unlock these borders?

Earning essence

Essence is the key to unlocking Prismatic cards. This is the newest material/currency in the game which is used solely for this new style of cosmetic. You can earn essence in one of two ways. The first is through completing weekly essence quests. These will be quests that you play throughout the week, don’t expect to grind these quickly. You can find regular essence pouches or earn capsules which will give you a guaranteed essence and a Prismatic. The rarer the capsule, the rarer the Prismatic.

The second way to earn essence is through ranked rewards. At the end of each season, along with the regular rewards in your chest, you will also receive essence. The higher the rank, the higher the essence count.

Using your essence

Once you have enough essence to finally craft your prismatic, head to the collection and choose your favorite card. Now along with the option to craft, you will see on the left hand side a button that allows you to craft your Prismatic. The cost of essence varies depending on the card rarity. 

  • Champion – 700 Essence
  • Epic – 300 Essence
  • Rare – 200 Essence
  • Common – 100 Essence