How to get Racquel down from the building in Beyond a Steel Sky

There’s a clean solution.

After leaving Graham’s apartment in Beyond a Steel Sky, the young woman, named Racquel, you initially met when you entered is now on the roof of the building’s entrance. She gets stuck at the top with no way down. The Wellbeing officer and Tarquin Turnvall III are attempting to find a way, but they no clear way to do it, and you need the Wellbeing officer to clear the area so you can use the monopod to leave.

You will need to retrace your steps inside the apartment complex and find the cleaning robot. Take out your hacked MINOS device and modify the settings of the cleaning robot. Swap the ‘Clean Interior’ block with the ‘Clean Exterior’ one, so it cleans outside. Approve the switch, and the cleaning robot will do a final sweep inside the building before going out. When it’s outside, you can now use it to help Raquel down.

You need to look up to try speaking to her, and when attempting to figure out how to get down, you can suggest she take the robot. However, she won’t immediately jump at the robot. The cleaning robot needs to have no water in its tank when it goes to help her.

Stand to the right of where the cleaning robot is refilling its water and take out your hacked MINOS. You want to swap the ‘0 percent’ option with the 100 percent in the sprinkler code, and ensure the robot does not have any water when it goes up to Racquel. When it doesn’t have any water, it will attempt to bring her down to the ground.

While you may have already spoken to her, you may need to speak to her again when the robot has no water in its tank for her to step down. You can look up at Racquel to do the ‘try again,’ option, or try to talk with her and suggest she take the cleaning robot down.