How to get scrap metal and stable metal in Loop Hero

Scrap metal and stable metal are vital resources in Loop Hero.

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A notable resource that is difficult to come by in Loop Hero is scrap metal. If you earn 13 pieces of it, you can turn it into stable metal, which is vital to unlock several of the starting upgrades that you need to access to expand your camp. There are not too many ways for you to acquire scrap metal in the early portion of the game, but the most reliable way we’ve discovered is by placing down a treasury. The treasury card by itself is nothing special, and doesn’t do anything. However, when you place Meadows and Rock cards around it, you gain access to it and slowly begin to unlock items hidden inside of it. Scrap metal is a resource that regularly flows from a treasury.

A smaller way for you acquire scrap metal is to have too many items in your inventory, and when you defeat an enemy to turn a new item, the last item in your inventory slot will become scrap metal.

When you place down a treasury card, you cannot have anything else around it. You want to make sure not to attach it to the side of your map. From there, as you earn Meadows, Rock, and Mountain cards, you want to place those around your treasury. You can fill in all four of the sides around the treasury, and the four corners, for a total of eight cards surrounding the treasury.

This will take you some time, so you’ll have to rotate around the map, defeating enemies until you acquire enough cards.

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Treasuries have a chance to give you a random resource for every tile you place around it. Scrap metal can be one of these resources. Once you place all of the cards around a treasury card, you’ll receive a large number of resources from all of the tiles touching the treasury, along with several random ones.

This has been the best way we’ve found to receive scrap metal. When you have 13 scrap metal cards, they automatically combine to form a Stable Metal card, and you can take those resources back to your camp to create new buildings.