How to get Sola Toroid in Warframe

Time for a trip to the Temple.


Image via Digital Extremes

Toroids are a rare resource in Warframe that can be farmed on the Orb Vallis open word area of Venus. Different Toroids will spawn in different locations on the map, and Sola Toroids can be found near the Temple of Profit.

While they can also be found in caves dotted around Orb Vallis, this is not the most efficient way to farm them, as it is impossible to know which caves the Toroids will spawn in, and what type of Toroid they will be.

Players are advised to group up with a full team to ensure the most possible enemy spawns when farming Toroids. Toroids will drop from dead enemies, so the more you can kill, the fast you can get them.

When you first arrive the Temple of Profit, alert enemies and allow them to set up beacons to call in reinforcements. Allow the alert level to hit 4 before you start killing them, and make sure you do not destroy the alert beacons. This will keep the number of enemy spawns high, ensuring you get more Sola Toroids.

When you are farming Toroids, you should try to bring a Smeeta Kavat, as their Charm ability will increase the amount of Toroids you pick up. You can also use Warframes such as Nekros with Desecrate, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome, Hydoid with Pilfering Swarm, or Ivara’s Prowl to increase the number of drops you get. A Resource Booster will also affect the amount of Toroids that you pick up, doubling the amount of each pickup.