How To Get Soul Emblems and How They Work With Community Boards in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Soul Emblems Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

You have multiple different currencies to keep track of in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. A currency you want to become familiar with is called Soul Emblems. These are useful because they’re going to provide access to immensely helpful passives you can optimize for your character, depending on your playstyle of the game.

How to Get Soul Emblems

Your first goal is to acquire soul emblems. You receive them from completing side quests or performing tasks for specific members of the game, such as Goku, Picollo, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, Krillin, and many more you encounter throughout your journey in the game. You need soul emblems to use on the community boards, but you also need specific soul emblems to gain access to particular community boards.

Community Boards

First of all, community boards are where you place your soul emblems. The community board has a layout specific to it unique from the others. For example, Goku’s board, the Z Warrior Community, has a large Z formation. Goku’s soul emblem goes right in the middle, and you place other character’s soul emblems in the other slots surrounding it. They connect, and by linking specific characters together, you gain bonuses to leveling up the community board.

You can check to see what bonuses you receive by linking characters together, and they are listed out on a character’s soul emblem page. You can see how much of a bonus you receive and the name of it, but you don’t know who it connects with until you link them together on a community board.

The connections are blocked out by a question mark. To find out, place different soul emblems on a community board to see if they unlock a boost. The stronger the bonus, the more you can level up a community board. You want to increase the level of the board because it gives you access to additional skills that give your character special passives in the game.

Z Warrior Community Board in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The community boards provide different bonuses. Z Warrior Community gives bonuses to combat, so if you’re more focused on combat, you want to place as many soul emblems as you possibly can here. However, if you’re going to increase the stat bonuses you receive from eating food, you want to go to Chi-Chi’s board, which is the Cooking Community. You can receive bonuses to your meal success rate, how much of a stat boost you receive from the foot, the duration of the food, and much more.

You don’t unlock all of the community boards at once, either. You need to meet one of the leaders for the boards to and gain their soul emblem, thereby making the board available to you. After you do that, you can start adding soul emblems to it over time.

How to Level up a Soul Emblem

To level up a soul emblem, you need to increase your friendship and your proficiency with the character. The quickest way to level up both of these parameters is to provide them with gifts. You can do this from the soul emblem page where you view the various bonuses tied to that soul emblem.

The more you increase a soul emblem’s level, the more bonuses you’re going to receive from the community boards in Kakarot. There are seven community boards to unlock, so make sure you view all of them to see what bonuses you want to receive while playing the game.