How to get Soul Shards in V Rising

The absolute end game resource.

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Soul Shards are a powerful V Rising resource that can significantly elevate your overall power levels once obtained. These are generally acquirable in the end stages of the game and will help you tackle the most dangerous bosses. Since these are unavailable for most of the game, many might not know how to get them. Hence, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to get Soul Shards in V Rising.

How to obtain Soul Shards

As mentioned above, Soul Shards are end-game resources that boost your attributes. As of now, there are three Soul shards present in the game, each enhancing specific stats of the user. All three Soul Shards, along with their attributes, are mentioned below:

  • Soul Shard of Behemoth: Boosts garlic and holy resistance by 50%, resource gathering by 20%, and movement speed by 5%.
  • Winged Horror Soul Shard: Boosts fire and silver resistance by 50%, spell power by 10%, and spell critical hit chance by 5%.
  • Soul Shard of Solarus: Boosts sun resistance by 50%, physical by 10%, and melee attack speed by 5%.

To get all the three Soul Shards, you need the Eye of Twilight, which is again only available in the later stages of the game. Eye of Twilight can be crafted using 4x Gold Ingot and 4x Spectral Dust. Once crafted, interact with the device and it will automatically mark the bosses on the world map that have Soul Shards. Defeat the bosses, and you’ll have the Soul Shards at your disposal.

In the PvE mode of the game, the Soul Shard boss locations are fixed; however, in PvP servers, there is only one Soul Shard per server, so every clan will try to acquire it. Furthermore, any player with access to Eye of Twilight will be able to pinpoint the location of the Soul Shard. Hence, you might have to steal it from others, or defeat other players, to acquire it.