How to get specific legendary patterns from Twisting Corridors in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Use the tower’s powers to your advantage to find the legendary you need.

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard is making Torghast one of the centerpiece attractions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It’s a survival gauntlet meant to test your abilities in your character’s class, and it’s also one of the main areas where you’ll search for legendary recipes to craft your specific set of armor. Normally, you’re at the mercy of Torghast’s weekly wing rotation when looking for your recipe, but the Twisting Corridors can fix that.

If the weekly rotation doesn’t include the wing you need for one of the legendary recipes for your class, you can skip the regular Torghast tower and dig into the Twisting Corridors. Get in a queue for the Twisting Corridors, and choose Layer 3 or higher. If you end up zoning into the necessary wing, you’ll need to clear six floors to claim your prize. If you don’t get the wing you need, just exit the Twisting Corridors and try again until your appropriate wing appears.

The Twisting Corridors version of Torghast is no joke, and while certain classes might be able to skate through on their own, you would do well to find a group. Your best bet is to find people who might be looking for the same wing as you; for example, Skoldus Hall holds both the Enduring Blow memory for Arms Warriors and Dark Flame Spirit for a Vengeance Demon Hunter. Coordinating these groups will make finding the correct Twisting Corridors wing easy, and then all of you can exit and re-enter whenever necessary.