How to Get The Symmetry in Destiny 2


The Symmetry is the new exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2 for the new Season of Dawn update. Guardians need to work together to help Osiris protect the Sun Dial from the Red Legion, who is attempting to turn back time to ensure the Red War went in their favor.

The Symmetry is a powerful exotic scout rifle. It hits like a traditional scout, but it fires at a much faster rate than any other of its variety. It also features high stability, ensuring the shots stay close.

Destiny 2 players have two methods of acquiring this weapon. The first, and most straightforward way to get it is by purchasing the Season Pass for Season of Dawn. Players who did not buy the Digital Deluxe Version of Shadowkeep will need to grab 1,000 silver to get it, which costs $9.99 through Steam and in the Eververse store. After that, it’s the first item available in the Season Pass.

Those who do not purchase the season pass need to wait a little longer. You need to work your way through the season, leveling up through numerous activities, Gambit or Crucible matches, or trying out some of the new content. The Symmetry becomes available for standard members at Season Pass level 35.

Those who have the Season of Dawn Season pass will receive the Symmetry’s weapon ornament at level 100. This weapon ornament is a premium perk, so standard players who do not purchase the Season Pass won’t have the chance to add it to their weapon. Season of Dawn lasts for 90 days, so everyone has roughly three months to complete everything in it.