How to get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online

Open up the world of photography in the Wild West.

Red Dead Online photo taken with advanced camera. Image of a bison in grass.

image via Rockstar

The Naturalist may not be dedicated to photography, but your camera plays a major part in the role’s progression. And with such an emphasis on photography, you’ll need a better camera. Photos taken through the normal camera do still complete the Field Guide, but there are many quality of life benefits that come with the advanced camera.

The advanced camera might as well be a digital camera in the world of Red Dead Online. It has filters for your photos, no Instagram needed. It lets players move freely while looking through the lens. It can be used while crouching, helping players approach animals in silence. Since it seems so connected to the Naturalist it’s easy to assume it’s something bought through Harriet or earned as you increase your rank. 

Image via Rockstar

The advanced camera is not a Naturalist item, even if it seems like it. It can be found in the catalogue of all places. To get the advanced camera:

  • Open the catalogue
  • Select the “Hunting & Fishing” category
  • Turn the page until you see the advanced camera listing.

The advanced camera costs $540 but can also be purchased with 22 gold bars if you’re short on cash. 

While using the camera, it is apparent that it is better than the first version. Besides free movement and filters, there’s a viewfinder with white corners. These corners turn green when you have a wild animal within them. The green lets you know the photo will count for the Naturalist role. If you take a photo of a sedated animal it doesn’t count, but if you take a blurry shot from thirty feet away, it does. 

Of course the camera doesn’t need to be exclusively for the Naturalist role. You’re more than encouraged to take selfies, pictures of your horse, your friends, and whatever else you can think of.