How to get the Biker Boy trophy in Final Fantasy VII Remake

On your bike.

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Image via Square Enix

There are a lot of trophies to get in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and one of them centers around Cloud’s skill as on a motorbike. To get the Biker Boy trophy, you will need to show off your own skills on a bike as well.

Your chance to earn this trophy will arrive before the second Mako Reactor bombing when Jessie will ask you to do a side mission with her, Biggs, and Wedge at the start of Chapter 4. The mission involves going after some more explosives, but you need to try and steal them from Shinra.

This part of the game plays out almost like a minigame, intercut by some cutscenes. Cloud and Jesse will be on one bike, while Wedge and Biggs are on the other. You drive down a very long tunnel as enemies come at you with their own bikes, and you will need to fight them.

To get the Biker Boy trophy, you need to make it through this section with at least 80% of your health. You won’t get the trophy until you make it through the section.

The best thing to do if you are after this trophy is to set the difficulty to easy for this section. On easy difficulty, the enemies will take more damage, and you will take less. It’s a pretty long section, about eight or 9 minutes long, with plenty of enemies to fight even if most of them are pretty standard.

The main risk comes right at the end when a boss enemy on a bike will show up, and you will need to dodge a lot of hard-hitting attacks. If you want to stack things in your favor, equip some weapons or Materia that will give you a health increase.

If you get through the section while keeping over 80 percent of your health, the trophy will pop up on your screen, and Jesse will praise your biking abilities. If you get under 80 percent, Jesse will give out to you about your driving.

It’s a good idea to save your game just before you get the quest from Jesse, who will appear outside your apartment so that you can replay it if you fail to finish with 80 percent health or more.