How to get the Black Ice skin in Rainbow Six Siege

Stay frosty, it will likely cause a migraine.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In any game that offers character customization via cosmetics, there are bound to be certain items that are more sought after than others. In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the Black Ice weapon skin is one of these. Here is how you can get the Black Ice weapon skin in Rainbow Six Siege.

Unfortunately, the only way to get a Black Ice weapon skin is to earn it in an Alpha Pack, the loot box of Rainbow Six Siege. Upon completing some games, you will eventually be given an Alpha Pack, or you can use Renown to purchase them. You gain Renown at the end of every completed match, so don’t leave your games early. Here are the Renown prices for Alpha Packs:

  • One: 5,000
  • Five: 25,000
  • 25: 112,000
  • 50: 200,000

We do not recommend putting money into Renown Boosters if all you want is a Black Ice weapon skin because you only have a 1:100 chance to pull a Black Ice from an Alpha Pack. It is an Epic (purple) tier drop, so you will likely need to open many of them to get one. Just continue playing through your matches like normal and hope that you get one through your saved-up Alpha Packs.