How to get the Briton Shield in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Some more gear for your collection.

Weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are essential to building your character out. Each one offers different techniques or abilities that allow you to play differently than if you equipped others.

For example, the Briton Shield gives you the ability to restore some health whenever you successfully parry with it. It falls under the Wolf tree and can give you an edge you need in a tight spot.

You can find the shield in the Temple of Mithras in Lunden. However, you won’t immediately access the temple until you reach a certain point in the story.

How to access the Temple of Mithras

To unlock access to the temple, you will have to unlock the quest, Wall and Shadows, which is the first quest in the Lunden story arc, City of War. This quest will take you right to the temple, which is heavily guarded. You can fight all the guards or just run past them, whichever one works best for you.

Finding the Briton Shield

In the middle of the open area is a staircase you can take down, where you want to go. Take the stairs down and go through the opening at the bottom. You will come to a drop-off, where you will jump down and take a right. The wall will open up to a small room on your left.

Go across to find two moveable shelves. Move the second one to reveal an opening to crawl through.

Continue forward, moving down the slope in front of you and taking a right. Next, take the last right in this tunnel and follow it to the area with planks on the ground.

Right to your left is the chest with your brand new shield.