How to get the Cat-Eared Spartan Bot Meowlnir to appear in Halo Infinite


Image via AlexReactor/Reddit

Throughout time catboys and catgirls have been bleeding into all facets of pop culture, such as video games, movies, and can even within Halo Infinite. There seems to be no end to what digital and physical medium you may encounter these unique creatures from memes to viral videos. Now you can fight alongside them shoulder to shoulder, and in this guide, we will show you how you can potentially have the opportunity to do so.

In Halo, you can utilize bots to fill games for solo play or set up custom games with friends. In the past, bots didn’t have much personality and were usually just different color shades and slight changes to their armor. However, Halo has evolved and incorporated different and unique names and armors for characters to don over the years.

One of these bots that can populate in your lobbies is non-other than the Cat-Eared Spartan Meowlnir. Armored in basic armor, one thing that sets this Spartan apart from the rest is, you guessed it, their cat ears. Of course, getting this bot into one of your lobbies is entirely up to chance, but while on the hunt for them, you may also encounter a few other creative and fun ones to grace your session.