How to get the Cat Ears helmet in Halo Infinite

Are you feline fine?

Screenshot via Microsoft

Armor cosmetics are Halo Infinite’s most popular and noticeable way to make your Spartan stand out from other players in the multiplayer side of the game. There have been some great armor modifications released since the game came out, but for pet lovers, the cat ears helmet attachment will probably always be near the top of their most desirable items in the game. Here is how to get them.

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How to get the Halo Infinite cat ears helmet attachment

To give your Spartan’s helmet a little feline personality, you will need to purchase the Cat Lovers bundle in the in-game store when it is available. Unfortunately, the items up for sale are refreshed regularly, so you will need to pay attention to find it when it is up. It is also important to note that the Cat Lovers bundle was available during Season One in Halo Infinite, and we have heard no confirmation if it will be returning in the future.

The Cat Lovers bundle costs 1,000 Credits to purchase, equal to $8.99 of real-world money. The bundle includes the Purrfect Audio helmet attachment (cat ears), Faded and Blush armor coating, Tabby charm, and Kat charm.

Once you have purchased the bundle, you can attach the cat ears to any of your helmets by going to the main menu and entering the Armor Hall in the Customize tab. Choose your armor core and click on the helmet section. Choose the helmet you want to be equipped and tab over to Attachments from Lore. You will find the cat ears in this section.