How to unlock Clippy items in Halo Infinite

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With Halo Infinite adopting the game as a service model on the multiplayer side of the title, it is expected that new cosmetics and content will be continually added as time goes on. Among that content is undoubtedly going to be throwbacks to various Microsoft-owned properties. One of those items available during Halo Infinite’s Season 2 Lone Wolves is the iconic Clippy from Microsoft Office days in the past. Here is how to unlock his content.

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How to unlock the Clippy cosmetics in Halo Infinite

To get the Clippy items in Halo Infinite, you will need to purchase them from the in-game store. You can buy the Clippy bundle for 300 Credits and earn a charm, nameplate, and emblems for armor, vehicles, and weapons that all have the Microsoft Office icon front and center.

Screenshot by DoubleXP
Screenshot by DoubleXP
Screenshot by DoubleXP

The only way to get the cosmetic items is by purchasing them. They are not connected in any way to the Season 2 Lone Wolves Battle Pass, and they will likely not be available often after the season ends. If you want these items, you need to purchase them before they leave the store.