How to get the Centurian Style cosmetic item in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Basic knights are all the rage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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What if we told you that there are hidden cosmetic items in the Wonderlands? Buried deep within the rolling hills and then piles of skeletons, you can find 13 cosmetic items that are more difficult to obtain than all the others. These cosmetic items are for your character’s head and alter either their hairstyle or their entire face with a mask, hood, helmet, etc. Here is how you can get the Centurian Style cosmetic item in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

The Centurian Style cosmetic item gives your character the look of a knight who is just starting out. They have just equipped their leather helm and are ready to take on the world, hopefully not meeting a horrible doom in the process. Stay true to your character’s roots with this basic helm. Obtaining this item, however, won’t be too easy since you will need to farm for it. There is a chance you can receive it during your run of the campaign, though. You just need to get lucky.

This cosmetic item is a world drop item that can be found anywhere. Anything that can drop loot has a chance to drop this cosmetic item. The best way to obtain it is by farming encampments in the overworld or by farming for the other cosmetic items. You can increase your chances of obtaining this item by increasing your Loot Luck. This can be done by collecting the Lucky Dice in the various map locations and by completing the Shrine of Aaron G.