How to get the Crimson Indrik mount before it disappears in Elder Scrolls Online

Get the Crimson variation of the mount before it’s gone for good

Image via Bethesda

The Indrik evolutions have been popular in Elder Scrolls Online this year, and it’s sad to see them go. This might be the last chance you have to find a morph for your Indrik, and for Quarter 4, you can get your hands on a Crimson Indrik before the conclusion of the New Life event toward the end of December.

How to get a Nascent Indrik

All Indrik evolutions begin with the base mount, known as the Nascent Indrik. You will need a total of 40 event tickets to purchase the four necessary feathers from the Impresario. You will need one each of the following feathers:

  • Emerald Indrik
  • Gilded Indrik
  • Opaline Indrik
  • Onyx Indrik

Once you have purchased all four feathers, combine them. This will give you the Nascent Indrik, and now you can move on to the next step: turning your mount into a Crimson Indrik.

How to morph the Nascent Indrik into a Crimson Indrik

With your Nascent Indrik in hand, you now need to purchase the Crimson Berries available during the Quarter 4 event. The four types of berries, also costing a total of 40 event tickets at the Impresario, are:

  • Crimson Berries of Bloom
  • Crimson Berries of Budding
  • Crimson Berries of Growth
  • Crimson Berries of Ripeness

Once you have them, combine them in your inventory, and the Nascent Indrik will transform into a Crimson Indrik.