How to unlock the Unicorn Slayer Master Collection for Doom Eternal

It will require Twitch, Amazon Prime, and accounts.

The latest trailer for Doom Eternal demonstrates that you don’t have to look like a generic soldier to go around and blow the heads off demons. It was announced that you can personalize your Doom Slayer with costumes in Single Player and Photo Mode on top of Multiplayer modes.

The trailer displayed a few of the costumes available, but the most fetching of the set was a unicorn number, complete with a pink mane and horn. It looks utterly absurd, unnerving, and hilariously cool at the same time. It also comes with custom animations and an upgradable podium for multiplayer. Plus, who wouldn’t want to brutalize the depths of hell while looking this fabulous? 

Bethesda and Amazon both agree, as you can unlock the costume for your Doom Slayer by simply being a member of Amazon Prime.

To unlock the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection, you first need to log into Twitch and ensure that your account is linked to your Amazon account, which requires an active Amazon Prime subscription. From here, head to the Twitch loot page, found on the main Twitch website using the crown icon on the top bar.

The outfit will be among the loot options for Doom Eternal. It will require you to connect your account to claim it to your account, but once connected and added to your account, that’s it! The outfit will then be available to use in-game.

The costume is available for a limited time only from March 20 to April 21, so if you want to get this incredibly silly but equally cool freebie, you’ll need to do so within the first month of Doom Eternal‘s release.