How to get the Egg of Cthulu in Roblox Egg Hunt 2020

Solve all of the puzzles.

The Roblox Egg Hunt of 2020 is off to the races, and those looking to obtain all 50 eggs have their time set out for them. There are plenty of ways to earn these multiple eggs, and some are more difficult than others. For those looking to grab the Egg of Cthulu, you need to jump into a game called Scuba Diving at Quill Lake.

When you load into the game, you need to locate an NPC in the game. You can find them by turning around and following the stone path lined with red and white-colored eggs. He’s the NPC with the multi-colored egg above his head. Speak to him to receive his quest, and you can start looking for the egg.

You need to complete two puzzles for this quest. After you obtain the quest, go inside of the tower he’s standing next to and go to the lower levels. When you reach the bottom, there’s another path lined with red and white-colored eggs, which you need to follow to go to your next destination. To the right of the path is a small pool. Jump down into it and dive through it.

Nintendo NX

When you reach the puzzle room, you’ll enter a room with a red and blue colored door on either side of you. You can choose whichever puzzle to do first, and it shouldn’t matter.

Red Room

The puzzle down the red path needs you to light up all five lights at the same time. You can find it on the right side of the room. The pattern is:

  • First switch
  • Third switch

Behind you in the red room is a wall where you need to match the tiles. To flip them over, hover your cursor over them, and you need to match them up with the same patch. The puzzle answer is at the top.

After you complete both puzzles, you can proceed to the other side of the room through the doorway to obtain the red key. You now need to go finish up the blue puzzles.

Blue Room

The first puzzle in the blue room is all about platforming. There’s nothing special about it. All you have to do is make it to the other side, being careful about where you have your main character lands. The find pillar you need to land on is slightly fallen over, so try to aim for the main part of it, and then dive down. You need to traverse a water-filled room full of pillars blocking your path.

Forza Horizon 3

The next area is another platforming puzzle. However, the pathway you need to walk is continually fading in and out, and if you run across it at the wrong time, you could fall. You need to wait until the pathway is showing on your side and run across. When you reach the other side, you will now have the blue key in your possession. Turn to your left and return to the main room.

After you return to the central room, place the keys on their respective pillars, and you can now access the Egg of Cthulu. Once you have the egg, you can choose to leave the game or return to the person who gave you a quest for a prize in the Quill Lake game.