How to get the Epitaph in Warframe

Write it on their gravestone.

Image via Gamepur

The Epitaph in Warframe is Sevagoth’s signature sidearm. It does high slash and impact damage, with a high critical chance and multiplier to really increase the damage. When used by Sevagoth, it will do additional damage on headshots.

The weapon has a low status chance, and projectiles are not hitscan, so targets will need to be lead, which can be awkward from long distances.

How to get the Epitaph

To get the part to build the Epitaph, players will need to farm Void Storms at Earth Proxima, Venus Proxima, and Saturn Proxima, which are Railjack missions. Void Storms. All components, and the main blueprint, have a 10% chance to drop at the Earth and Venus node. The main blueprint has a 15% chance to drop at Saturn, and the Barrel and Receiver has a 12.5% chance of dropping.

Void Storms are the Railjack equivalent of Void Fissures missions, where players kill enemies and collect Reactant to open up Void Relics. The mission will need to be successfully completed to have a chance of getting some Epitaph parts.

Epitaph Stats

  • Fire Rate – charged
  • Accuracy – 80
  • Magazine Size – 1
  • Max Ammo – 60
  • Reload Time – 0.6
  • Total Damage – 300 (120 Impact, 45 Puncture, 135 Slash)
  • Crit Chance – 48%
  • Crit Multiplier – 2.6x
  • Status Chance – 4%