How to get the eternal lockpick in Persona 5: Royal

What do you need, and where can you find those materials?

Image via Atlus

Thieve’s tools are great to make your time in Palaces and Mementos much easier while playing Persona 5: Royal. When you level up the Magician persona, Morgana, enough, you can acquire more to use while you’re playing the game. A great one many will want to earn is the eternal lockpick.

You can earn it after you reach rank 6 with the Magician persona. You can do this by continually hanging out with Morgana and spending them with him when you have the opportunity to do so during your playthrough. If you have a Magician-based persona on your character, you can level up your ranking, even more, when spending time with Morgana to make it faster.

Once you reach the ability to access this weapon, you need a variety of materials to craft it.

  • 20 Aluminum Sheets
  • 10 Liquid Mercury

You can only obtain these materials in specific locations from particular enemies. You can receive aluminum sheets from Anzu that show up in Futaba’s palace and Ganesha, which you can find in Okumura’s Spaceport. When you’re looking for liquid mercury, you can find it on Anubis that are inside Futaba’s Palace and Decarabia in Okumura’s palace.

Of your choices, you may want to spend the most time searching for Anzu and Anubis that you can find inside of Futaba’s palace. Because you can find them in the same location, you don’t have to run around the game so much, searching for different shadows to fight. However, these enemies have the potential to show up in Mementos after you defeat them in the palace, so all’s not lost if you have already blown past these locations and don’t have the required items yet.

The eternal lockpick will solve a lot of your lockpicking problems, though. You won’t have to create any new lockpicks moving forward, and you can freely obtain any useful items stored behind the one you encounter. It’s an ideal item to have, so make sure to receive it when you have the opportunity.