How to get the Fomorian Disruptor in Warframe

Space Force.


Image via Digital Extremes

The Fomorian Disruptor is a gear item you will need if you want to participate in the Balor Fomorian Invasion event in Warframe. You will need to purchase the blueprint for the Fomorian Disruptor in the Market for 5000 Credits, and it can then be built in your Foundry using the below resources:

Omega Isotopes are a waste produced by the engines of the massive Fomorian and can be found by killing enemies on the nearest planet to threat. Find the Relay that the Fomorian is preparing to attack on the Star Chart, then perform missions on that planet.

While the Fomorian is present, Isotopes may drop during Alerts, Syndicate missions, Invasions, and Dark Sectors, as long as they occur on the relevant planet.

Because the Isotopes drop from enemies, it is a good idea to farm them in a full squad. The more people in a mission, the more enemies will spawn. It is also a good idea to farm them by doing Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Interception, and Excavation missions. These missions are endless, effectively allowing you to farm the Omega Isotope for as long as you wish before leaving.

Warframes like Nekros, Hydroid, and Khora are great as they all have abilities or augments that can increase the drop rate of loot, making them ideal to speed farm Omega Isotopes.

When you have the Fomorian Disruptor built you will need to equip it to your Gear Wheel in the Arsenal, you will then be able to load into the mission. When you reach the Fomorian’s interior, you can use the Disruptor to strip away the shields by using it in the Gear Wheel. You only need one player to do this, but all players will have their Disruptors removed, and will need to build them again to rerun the mission.