How To Get Omega Isotope In Warframe

Emergency rations.


It’s an emergency, Tenno. A Fomorian has attacked one of the Relays, and the Lotus needs you to stop it. The big question is, how? In Warframe, Fomorians are massive, mobile, Grineer space stations. It is not an empty threat either if the community does not band together to stop it, the Relay will be destroyed. This means one less social space in the world of Warframe, so put on your most powerful gear and prepare to take the fight to the enemy.

How To Get Omega Isotope

You will have received a message from the Lotus, containing a blueprint for a Fomorian Disruptor. To build it, you need Omega Isotopes. These are a waste product produced by the engines of the massive Fomorian and can be found by killing enemies on the nearest planet to threat. Find the relay that the Fomorian is preparing to attack, then simply perform missions on that planet.

While the Fomorian is present, Isotopes may drop during Alerts, Syndicate missions, Invasions, and Dark Sectors, as long as they occur on the relevant planet.

Because the Isotopes drop from enemies, it is a good idea to farm them in a full squad. The more people in a mission, the more enemies will spawn. It is also a good idea to farm them by doing Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Interception, and Excavation missions. These missions are endless, effectively allowing you to farm the Omega Isotope for as long as you wish before leaving.

Using The Omega Isotope

Once you have some farmed up, simply head to the Foundry on your ship. Find the Fomoroian Disruptor blueprint and get building. You need four Omega Isotopes for each Disruptor, and it will take one minute to build. To fight the Fomorian, simply go to your Star Chart and click on the Fomorians node. Now you are off to help your fellow Tenno stop the Grineer menace from destroying another one of our lovely relays.

Best of luck Tenno, and make sure you complete at least one run at the Fomorian by doing over one million damage to the enormous ship’s core. This will reward you with an Orokin Catalyst and two hundred thousand credits! These Fomorian Sabotage missions require and Archwing, so be sure that your Archwing and weapons are well ranked up to do as much damage to the Core as possible.

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