How to get the green gem in Resident Evil 3: Remake

What do you need to do to find it?

Image via Capcom

During the early portion of Resident Evil 3: Remake, you need to locate three different colored gems in the game. The first one, the red one, is relatively easy to find. The blue one is a bit harder to locate in the game and could take you some time to locate, especially if you’re not careful. The final, green gem is also a little tricky to identify for those who could quickly run past it and miss a critical part in the game.

You won’t be able to access the green jewel unless you obtain the bolt cutters and the lock pick in the game. You receive the bolt cutters by progressing your way through the game, right before you meet up with a handful of U.B.C.S members. After this scene, and you continue further into the game, you’ll run down a small flight of stairs where some gross, zombie-like webs are growing. At the of a pathway to the left of the stairs, you should see a body containing a small container. Grab the obtain, watching a disgusting cutscene after, and then examine the box in your inventory to gain the lock pick.

Now, with the lock pick in your inventory, you need to trek back to the start of the area and return to where you needed to use the fire hose to burn down the flames. Return to the front of the area where you can find a toy shop. It has a lock on the front, which you can use your lock pick to access. A short distance away from the entrance is a small jewelry box. After examining it and opening it up, you will find the green jewel inside of it.

Once you have the red, blue, and green jewel in your inventory, you can take it back to the clock tower monument to receive your reward. Make sure to grab them all to receive all of the rewards available inside of it.