How to get the Iron Horse achievement/trophy in Alan Wake Remastered

Take that train down.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Alan Wake Remastered has some obscure achievements and trophies for you to collect. One of these is called Iron Horse, and the description doesn’t make it clear how to unlock it, so we put together this guide explaining how to get the Iron Horse achievement/trophy.

How to get the Iron Horse achievement/trophy

You can only unlock Iron Horse in Episode 3 of Alan Wake Remastered. Towards the end of the Episode, you’ll start to encounter more and more ghosts. This dark presence inhabits objects around the world that then throw themselves at you to try to kill you. There’s a specific encounter as you come to the end of this part of the game where your face two ghosts. One is inhabiting a box, and the other is inhabiting a piece of an old train.

You need to use flares, flashbangs, and your flashlight to take down the ghost inhabiting the old piece of train. This thing can kill you in a couple of hits, but if you pin it behind the stationary carriage by luring it there and dodging at the last second, you can pin it and take out all the other enemies first. This leaves you free to take out the train ghost without too much bother. The achievement/trophy will pop once you’ve killed the ghost.