All collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 3 guide

Prepare for a very long night.


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Each episode of Alan Wake Remastered has around 60 items to collect if you want to get 100% completion. This guide covers all of the items you can find in Episode 3 of Alan Wake Remastered. Ensure you’ve got a lot of time on your hands because this one is double the length of Episode 2.

Coffee Thermos #1

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While you’re walking through the trailer park, you’ll need to go through a gate to get to Rose’s trailer. Once you’re through, look around the back of some of the trailers to find a Coffee Thermos.

TV #1

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The first TV you can turn on is inside Rose’s trailer after you wake up.

Coffee Thermos #2

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The second Coffee Thermos is in Rose’s kitchen.

Manuscript Page #1

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Head outside, and there’s a Manuscript Page on the floor in front of the path.

Radio #1

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As you make your way out of the trailer park, you’ll find a Radio you can turn on to collect around the back of a trailer on your right.

Manuscript Page #2

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Once you get a decent distance between you and the cops, you’ll be walking down a flat path in the woods. There’s a Manuscript Page on a rock to the left of the path on your way.

Manuscript Page #3

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Once you see the car flip on the road, walk up to it and look right. Then, follow the road down to find another Manuscript Page.

Radio #2

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Now follow the road in the opposite direction, and you’ll see a large structure on your right. Go up the steps and inside to find a Radio to turn on.

Coffee Thermos #3

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In the same room as the Radio above is a Coffee Thermos by the fire.

Coffee Thermos #4

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Keep going along the main path, and you’ll come to a point where you can see the structure with the Radio inside behind you. Go left and into the trees a little, and you’ll find a Coffee Thermos.

Radio #3

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The third Radio is along the main path again, next to one of the main light sources you can recover in.

Manuscript Page #4

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When you come to the wide bridge between the cliffs, you can see a new Manuscript Page over on the right.

Chest #1

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As you follow the path, keep an eye out for some yellow paint on the rocks to your left. Follow the arrows to a Chest that’s hidden away up the road.

Coffee Thermos #5

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Once you’ve reached the radio station, go over to the car and the sign. There’s a Coffee Thermos you should pick up before going inside.

Manuscript Page #5

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When Alan has jumped out of the radio station, look on the fence that’s to the left of the path you’ll be running down. There’s a Manuscript Page glowing on it.

Manuscript Page #6

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Keep going down the path and look for another trail to your right. It should go up the hill to a tower. Follow it all the way up to get to another Manuscript Page.

Coffee Thermos #6

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On your way up the trail for the above Manuscript Page, there should be a point where the land juts out to the side. Walk out to find a Coffee Thermos on the edge.

Can Pyramid #1

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To the left of the main path, there’s a shack with some yellow writing on it. Look inside to find a Can Pyramid that you need to shoot to collect.

Coffee Thermos #7

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In the same general area as the Can Pyramid, there’s a second shack with a Coffee Thermos inside.

Manuscript Page #7

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The area opens up after your encounter. Before taking the main path, look right and run up to find a closed gate. There’s a Manuscript Page pinned to it.

Manuscript Page #8

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Now run down the main path. There’s a rock on your right with a Manuscript Page on it that you can’t miss.

Manuscript Page #9

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Keep following the main path, and you’ll find a stump on the trail that has another Manuscript Page inside.

Chest #2

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Keep an eye out on your left for some yellow paint. There’s a Chest up the hill that’s hidden by some darkness and fog.

Manuscript Page #10

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As you come to the large train depot, you’ll be assaulted by ghosts. You need to go around and climb a ladder to get inside. Before you do, grab the Manuscript Page on the wood.

Coffee Thermos #8

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As you drop into the train depot, you’ll see a Coffee Thermos over to the right. Run over and get it before more ghosts attack you.

TV #2

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You’ll find a TV inside the building in the train depot. Turn it on to collect it.

Manuscript Page #11

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Grab the Manuscript Page as you leave the building.

Coffee Thermos #9

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Before you get in the car outside of the train depot, look into the building on the right for a new Coffee Thermos.

Coffee Thermos #10

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The next day, drive to the pile of logs and stop on the right next to them. Run up to your right, and you’ll find an armchair with a Coffee Thermos on it

Radio #4

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Follow the road, but turn right when you see a shack. Inside is a Radio that you can turn on to collect.

Radio #5

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Once again, stop by the tower as you follow the road. Inside, there’s a Radio to turn on.

Manuscript Page #12

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When you see the red building on your left, stop. Inside and up the stairs is another Manuscript Page.

History #1, #2, and #3

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Once you reach the coal mine, look at the three signs. There’s one on each building that tells you something about the area.

Manuscript Page #13

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While making your way into the large red building, you’ll see a Manuscript Page to pick up on the walkway.

Coffee Thermos #11

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Before heading into the building, go back and look at the mine cart. Behind it is a Coffee Thermos to collect.

Coffee Thermos #12

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After waiting all night for the kidnapper, you need to leave the building. As you do, check the shelves for another Coffee Thermos.

Manuscript Page #14

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Outside of the building, you’ll see a Manuscript Page on the floor along the main path. It’s resting on some wood.

Manuscript Page #15

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While moving through another building to advance along the path, you’ll see some yellow paint and a Manuscript Page on the left-hand wall. This is on the first floor of the building after you’ve climbed up the ladder.

Coffee Thermos #13

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On the opposite side of the building to the Manuscript Page above is a Coffee Thermos in an armchair.

Manuscript Page #16

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You’ll see another Manuscript Page sitting on the ground near a rock. It’s slightly out of sight but will be on your right as you move.

Chest #3

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Look to your left, and you follow the trail. At some point, you’ll start to see more yellow paint. Follow it to find another Chest with some useful items inside.

Coffee Thermos #14

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Just outside of the area where you find the Chest above is a walkway. Go all the way to the edge to find a Coffee Thermos. You’ll have to jump to get it, though.

Coffee Thermos #15

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As the darkness settles in, head up to the left and inside the red building to find another Coffee Thermos.

Manuscript Page #17

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As you approach the ghost town, look to the right of the bridge. There’s a Manuscript Page sitting there for you to collect.

History #4

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Check out the plaque on the building in the ghost town to collect some more history.

Coffee Thermos #16

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Look into the buildings on your right to catch another Coffee Thermos.

Coffee Thermos #17

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At the end of the ghost town, after you’ve fought countless ghosts and Taken, you’ll find a shack with parts of a windmill on it. Look behind it for a Coffee Thermos.

TV #3

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As you work your way through the buildings, look out for another TV you can turn on.

Chest #4

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Keep an eye out on the left to see some more yellow paint that will lead you to a chest against some stones.

Manuscript Page #18

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In the silver mine, take the path to the left of the yellow paint. This leads down to a Manuscript Page, but you’ll have to come back up once you’ve got it.

Manuscript Page #19

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Back in the main area of the mine, look for another Manuscript Page against the wall as you drop down.

Coffee Thermos #18

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Keep an eye out for an opening on the left in the mine. Inside is a Coffee Thermos.

Coffee Thermos #19

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Outside of the mine, turn right, go up the steps, and you’ll find a Manuscript Page.

Can Pyramid #2

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After the cable car encounter, run up to the side you would have landed on. There’s a Can Pyramid on the edge that you need to shoot to collect.

History #5

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As you approach Cauldron Lake, read up on the history through the sign.

Coffee Thermos #20

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After the ropebridge fiasco, run around to the left and turn back on yourself to find a Coffee Thermos on the edge.

Chest #5

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Look to your left as you follow the path ahead, and you’ll see some more paint that should lead you to another Chest.

Manuscript Page #20

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As you approach the broken bridge, look to the left, where the path continues, and you’ll see another Manuscript Page.

Coffee Thermos #21

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After you make your way through the big house with a lot of enemies inside, remember to turn back on yourself to collect the Coffee Thermos that’s visible through the railing.

Manuscript Page #21

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The last Manuscript Page of this Episode is perched on the stairs. You can’t miss it.