Link’s Awakening: How to get the Koholint Sword


The Legend of Zelda series has a lot of rewards for side quests. Completing one often grants players extra weapons, shields, or hearts. The Koholint Sword is one such reward.

The Koholint Sword might sound strange to those who played the original game on the Gameboy, but we assure you, you’ve seen it before. The original name was the Level 2 Sword. Other places refer to it as the Seashell Sword, alluding to the task which unlocks it. The sword was renamed to the Koholint Sword in the Nintendo Switch version of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

How to get the Koholint Sword:

There isn’t too much depth to this task. Looking up the Koholint Sword brings up the Wiki info for the weapon in the Nintendo Switch version of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Throughout the game, there are hidden seashells to collect. If you collect 20 and bring them to the Spirit of the Mansion located in the Seashell Mansion, he rewards you with the Koholint Sword.

You’re going to find Secret Seashells all over the game. In the original game, there were 26 in total and players only needed to bring 20. In the remake, according to Twinfinite, there are more seashells, so the exact number is a little vague. You’re going to find them under rocks, bushes, and other odd locations.

The Koholint Sword is the Link’s Awakening version of the Master Sword. When Link is at full health, it can fire a beam to deal damage to enemies.

Since it’s unlocked by gathering seashells, keep a sharp eye out for those hidden shells.