How to get the new Atlas, Nidus, Valkyr, and Saryn Augments in Warframe

Fresh build options.


New Augments means new build possibilities for your favorite Warframes. Update 27.5.4 introduced four new Augments, one each for Atlas, Nidus, Valkyr, and Saryn. This guide will show you what they do at the max rank and where to get them. As always, all Augments are gotten as Syndicate rewards, so we’ll be pointing out which Syndicates you need to be loyal to get these new Augments.


Atlas – Passive – Rubble Heap
When above 1400 Rubble, Landslide costs no Energy, deals 2x Damage, and travels 2x faster. This should serve to make Atlas more energy efficient while also increasing the effectiveness of Landslide.

Rubble Heap can be gotten from Red Veil (Exalted rank) and Steel Meridian (General rank) for 25000 Standing.

Nidus – Passive – Abundant Mutation
Nidus gains an additional 200 max stacks of Mutation. Undying has a 30s cooldown. This will, frankly, make Nidus pretty unkillable.

Abundant Mutation can be gotten from Steel Meridian (General rank) for 25000 Standing.

Valkyr – Hysteria – Enraged
Damage increased by 200 percent, Critical Chance increased by 200 percent. Hysteria lasts for 15 seconds and receives a matching cooldown. This feels like a stand-in for a full Valkyr replacement, or at the very least, an attempt to get her claws up to snuff after the recent melee and mod changes made critical hits so easy to achieve with melee builds.

Enraged can be gotten from New Loka (Flawless rank) and Perrin Sequence (Partner rank) for 25000 Standing.

Saryn – Spore – Revealing Spores
Infected enemies within 40m will show up on the Minimap. This one will be useful for solo farmers in late-game activities, where enemy spawns can get a little spotty.

Revealing Spores can be gotten from Red Veil (Exalted rank) and Steel Meridian (General rank) for 25000 Standing.