How to get the Old Dog achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

You can teach an old dog new tricks.

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The Old Dog achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes requires you to have Balathu get two kills with his spear. There are a few opportunities for you to get this achievement throughout the game. It requires you to be specific about your choices. Here’s how you unlock it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

First kill opportunity

During the prologue, you will take control of Balathu’s actions and guide him through the chapter. Balathu can get one of his kills here if you hit the woman with the spear when she runs away. Afterward, make sure to stay and fight when confronting the creature. During this time, there will be a series of QTEs. Be successful at all of them to make it, so Balathu dies last.

Second kill opportunity

Throughout the game, you will need to keep both Eric and Rachel alive. Nick should stay alive thanks to some handy plot armor. To keep Eric and Rachel alive, make the following choices.

  • Cut the rope when Rachel is dangling. This will save Eric from dying.
  • Bring Jason along when searching for Joey instead of Eric. This will prevent Salim from killing Eric. Alternatively, if you bring Eric, you can have Salim run off to avoid any conflict.
  • During the Assault chapter, either have Rachel use the machine gun or remember where you placed the bombs earlier. This will save Rachel and Eric from dying.
  • Choose to abandon Clarice after meeting her in the chasm. This will prevent her from killing Eric. You can also kill her after bringing her back to the temple.

During the Assault chapter, Eric will go to save Nick from Balathu. Eric will get caught by Balathu in the process. When you take control of Rachel, you will be given a choice to save Eric or run. Save Eric and escape in the process by succeeding at the QTEs. After this, Balathu will grab a spear. Miss the QTE that follows, and he will impale Rachel with it.

Third kill opportunity

Toward the end of the game, everyone will be escaping from the caves after Nick places the explosives. You will be given the opportunity to go back for Salim when he gets separated from the group. Have Jason go back for Salim and succeed at the QTEs to kill a few creatures. As they are running away, Balathu will appear and throw a spear. Fail the QTE here to have Jason get impaled by the spear.