How to get the Pincushion legendary melee weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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The Pincushion can be your best friend. It can also hammer in those nails that are sticking out of your foes. By nails, we mean crossbolts. This weapon works great when combined with a weapon that shoots crossbolts. Whenever you hit an enemy with the Pincushion, it explodes on impact and deals an extra 15% weapon damage per crossbolt in the enemy. Depending on the weapon combination, the Pincushion can deal massive amounts of damage. Here is how you can get the Pincushion legendary melee weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Pincushion can be difficult to obtain. You can go the entire game without knowing this weapon exists. That’s because this weapon is a world drop item. World drop items can drop from pretty much anywhere in the entire game. If your Loot Luck is low enough, you might never see specific legendary items. Unfortunately, the Pincushion doesn’t have a specific farming location, so the best thing to do is wait until the end of the game when you unlock the Chaos Chamber.

Before you farm legendary items from the Chaos Chamber, you will want to increase your Loot Luck and Chaos Level. You can increase your Loot Luck by finding the Lucky Dice that are scattered across the Wonderlands. You can also increase your Loot Luck by completing the Shrine of Aaron G. If you want to increase your Chaos Level, you will want to complete Chaos Trials in the Chaos Chamber. We recommend getting to Chaos Level 20 to give yourself the best increases, but stick to where you are comfortable.

Once you are comfortable with your Loot Luck stat and Chaos Level, start doing extended runs in the Chaos Chamber. Extended runs will have you fight two minibosses and one boss. At the end of your runs, you will enter a loot room filled with rabbit statues. Spend your crystals from your runs on the melee rabbit statue. This will give yo the highest chance of obtaining the Pincushion since it limits the drops to only melee weapons.