How to get the Plague Sore sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3

What steps do you need to take to complete this blueprint?

A new season has arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and players have the chance to start on brand new missions to obtain a unique array of blueprints available to everyone. If you want to complete any of these blueprints, you need to go into the Missions & Challenges section of your HUD on multiplayer and mark them as active. By having them active, you can steadily work your way through the missions to eventually unlock the blueprint. A legendary sniper rifle is available called the Plague Sore.

You need to go through seven different objectives to unlock the blueprint for this rifle. Each of the objectives has unique rewards tied to them, along with experience points to upgrade your battle pass further while you continually play the game.

These are the objectives:

  • Objective 1: Get 10 Double Kills
    • Receive 2,000 XP and the Supreme Slick charm.
  • Objective 2: Get 5 kills without dying 10 times.
    • Receive 5,000 XP and the Mondays calling card.
  • Objective 3: Get 1 triple kill.
    • Receive 7,500 XP and the Remarkable Marksman sticker.
  • Objective 4: Get 10 kills without dying 5 times.
    • Receive 7,500 XP and the Revenge Reflux calling card.
  • Objective 5: Get 3 Fury Kills (rapidly kill 4 players).
    • Receive 9,000 XP and the Helpful Doge charm.
  • Objective 6: Get 15 kills without dying 1 time.
    1. Receive 9,000 XP and the Dancing Vibes emblem.
  • Objective 7: Get 1 Quad Feeds (4 uninterrupted Kills in the Kill Feed)
    • Receive 10,000 XP and the Plague Sore sniper rifle blueprint.

You need to complete the objectives in the order they release to work on the next one. Any progress made towards one of them before you are actively working on it will not count, so don’t expect to rush through these objectives. You can finish them by playing game mode.

The Plague Sore is a variant for the Dragunov. When you want to use it, go to edit loadouts, choose the Dragunov, and then pick it from the armory. You should be able to customize it and modify it to fit your playstyle. Make sure to complete it during Season 3 to obtain the blueprint before the next one starts.