How to get the Skin of the Revels in Immortal Fenyx Rising

This one is a doozy.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, the Skin of the Revels is an armor piece that will give you a return of 5 percent of a Stamina Chuck with each successful attack, and will add +2 to your Combo Meter on hit with any weapon while your Stamina is full.

It is very difficult to get and involves quite the process of tracking down items and solving little puzzles. To actually get this item, you will need to get into a building that is very difficult to enter, and you should only really go for after you are ready to leave Crashing Rocks and explore the rest of the map.

The reason for this is that you need quite a few skills and items to be able to get inside the building. The first step is simple, you just need to hit a button at the front of the building to light up one of the four lights you can find there. The rest of it is a bit more involved.

If you go around to the left side of the building you will see a statue with some braziers near it. Jump on that platform and grab one of the rocks. Now, turn around and look at the building. Above the magic red door you will see a cracked wall. Smash a rock off it to break it, then shoot a guide arrow through at the target behind it. This will activate another light.

If you go around to the right side of the building, you will notice a red magical door, and a red braziers in a tree. Behind the tree is a cave. Go inside and go to the end, then drop down through the floor. In one of the cages you will find a iron cube, and you can use your Herakles levitation to move it. Drop it on the pressure pad to turn the red ghost braziers into an actual brazier. Now, head back out again and shoot an arrow through the fire, into the unlit brazier to light it, giving you access to another button to push.

For the last one, you need to climb up the cliff beside the building and use your wings to float to a small platform on the back with a metal cube on it. Push this off, then drop down and put the cube on the pressure plate below. A red magic door will dissappear, and you can go inside, swimg through a long tunnel in the floor and come out the other end. This will give you access to the last button.

Head back to the front of the building and go inside and prepare to fight the boss. Kill his minions first to drop his shields, then take him. Open the chest inside the room to find the Skin of the Revels.