How to get the Tavern Crawl Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Grab a seat, take a load off.

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The Tavern Crawl Commendation requires you to take a seat in every tavern across the Sea of Thieves. One tavern is located at each Outpost. There are seven taverns in total, and while you can’t check which ones you’ve already sat at, you can check how many you’ve set at so far by finding the Pirate Log tab in the menu, selecting Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasures. Navigate to the second page using Right Trigger (RT), and you’ll see the Commendation tile located second from the left in the center row. This guide tells you the location of each Outpost and how to sit at each tavern.

Outpost Locations

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Locate each Outpost on the Map Table (they all have “Outpost” in their name), find the Tavern there, and sit at each one. Repeat until you’ve sat at all seven. We recommend working from left to right or right to left across the map, if possible – it depends on where you initially spawn. Feel free to leave the game and reload to see if you get a better initial Outpost spawn. You can also see if you spawn at an Outpost with a tavern that you haven’t sat at yet by reloading the game. The Outpost names and locations are as follows:

Golden Sands OutpostD-10The Shores of Plenty
Sanctuary OutpostF-7The Shores of Plenty
Plunder OutpostJ-18The Ancient Isles
Ancient Spire OutpostQ-17The Ancient Isles
Dagger Tooth OutpostM-8The Wilds
Galleon’s Grave OutpostR-8The Wilds
Morrow’s Peak OutpostV-17The Devil’s Roar

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How to Sit in Taverns

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Sitting was added as part of Sea of Thieves Season Five. Though you can’t sit anywhere, you can sit down at any spot where a Take a Seat prompt appears. Sit at taverns on Outposts by walking up to any open stool and holding X to Take a Seat when the prompt appears. Once you’ve sat at all seven taverns across the Sea of Thieves, you’ll get the Tavern Crawl Commendation.