How to get the TL;DR Gardens achievement in Maquette

How fast can you go?

Image via Grateful Decay

There’s a challenge in Maquette where you have to complete the first level of the game, The Gardens, in under three minutes. Because Maquette is a puzzle game, this is not easy to overcome, and it’s about learning the correct path of how to proceed through each puzzle.

Your first task is to walk through the level until you reach the door locked behind a red lever. There’s no special pathway or method to getting here faster, so we recommend going through this area as quickly as possible to lower the lever and then proceed through the next portion of The Gardens.

The real trick to moving through the initial starting area of The Gardens level is to hug the left side of the map. You’ll be moving through here and trying to pull the lever as quickly as possible. By hugging the left side, you’ll avoid going through unnecessary pathways.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whenever you’re curving through the level, you want to hug the walls as often as possible and also stick to the path. We didn’t find any benefit to jumping over the path or going over the rocks. You primarily want to curve and weave whenever possible.

Close to the end of the level, you’ll need to grab the key on the right is of the doors. You want to grab that key as quickly as possible by having your cursor over it, holding it, and then take it to the doors. Much like the key, you want to use the key on the door as soon as you’re in range. There’s a small animation time of the key being used on the door, and then it opens. You have to do this twice. To quickly go through this portion, try and grab the key as you’re walking by the first door to place it into the second one.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve gone through the doors, it’s a straight shot to the end of the level. It took us three times to rinse and repeat this process. There’s really no hidden trick to earning this achievement other than hugging the walls as often as possible and trying to grab the key as soon as it’s in range for you.