How to get the Wattson Heirloom in Apex Legends

Try as you might, you can’t Kilowatt…son.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Since the release of Wattson in Season 2 of Apex Legends, fans have been counting down the days until the electric genius gets her heirloom. Well, the day has finally come with the release of the Raiders Collection Event. The pirate-themed collection event features a wide variety of cosmetics to fulfill any spelunking dreams you might have, but the real focus is on Wattsons heirloom set and its melee weapon, the Energy Reader.

There are two different ways to get your hands on Wattsons heirloom set, but with any heirloom, some money or some luck is going to be involved.

Image via EA

The first way of unlocking the Wattson heirloom set is by obtaining every Raiders Collection Event item. There are 24 items you need to collect to unlock the heirloom, and all of the items are only obtainable via Raiders Collection Event packs. On average, this method usually costs around $125-$200, depending on your luck with the packs. If this is your preferred method, be sure to acquire the heirloom before the Raiders Collection Event leaves for good on December 21.

The alternate method in acquiring the Wattson heirloom set is to purchase it with heirloom shards. After December 21, the set will be available within the heirloom shop for 150 heirloom shards. Some might be hanging on to their shards, but if you don’t have anyway, they are only available to get through regular Apex Packs. Heirloom shards have a 1 in 500 drop rate, so we wish you luck in your hunt to get your hands on the Wattson heirloom.