How to get through the May Day Tour maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The May Day Tour maze is found on a special island in Animal Crossing between May 1 and May 7. To get a ticket, go and visit Tom Nook at the Resident Services building, then head for the Airport to visit the island.

The island consists of a maze, and your inventory will be emptied before you leave, so you can only use what you find to get through it. Below, you will find a description of how to get through the maze and collect every item in it.

Step One


The first thing you need to do is pick up the toolbox at the start of the maze. It will contain a shovel that you can use to dig up the bush on the left. Go in and grab the fruit, then eat it and dig up the tree that is blocking your route north.

Step Two

Removing the tree will open up all manner of new pathways, but some holes in the ground mean you cannot simply run through them all. Take a moment to figure out exactly where all these pathways lead, and how to get to each place.

When you jump the first hole directly in front of you, the open pathway to the right leads round to a crafting table that is blocked off. Going up and left and following the path around, jumping the holes, will all you to get round to the three different paths on the right that lead to the south. Gathering up everything you can find, and you should end up with branches, wood, stone, and a Word Axe.

Step Three


Go to the top left of the island and chop down the tree that is blocking two fruit and a tree branch. Scoot over the tree stump and pick up all the items. This will break the Word Axe, but that is okay, we will replace it shortly.

Step Four


Go to the bottom left of the maze and you will find a rock with an Iron Nugget behind it. Eat one of the fruit and use your shovel to smash the rock and get the Iron Nugget.

Step Five


Now, go to the bottom right (you will need to all the way up and around) to get to the Crafting bench. A rock will be blocking your path, so eat a fruit to smash it with the shovel. Pick up the other fruit behind it, eat it, then dig up the tree. Now, you can use the crafting bench to build a Flimsy Axe, then a normal Axe.

Step Six


Follow the path back, then continue left and chop down the tree that is blocking two more native fruits. Go back to where you found the Iron Nugget and chop down that tree as well, then take the path upwards and chop down the three trees you will find there.


Scoot over the stumps and make your way to Rover. Talk to Rover to get your hands on his briefcase. Now, we can collect the Bell Tickets and we will be finished on the island.

The first group of Bell Tickets is right beside Rover, so just move a brush with your shovel to get them. Just behind the tree near them are more brushes which you can move to get access to a path that runs down the left side of the island. Follow it and you will find three rocks.

Eat the three fruit, and smash the rocks, to get the remaining Bell Tickets. And that’s it, you are all done on the May Day Tour maze. If you make a mistake and need to reset the island, open and NookPhone and you can use the Rescue Crew option to reset the maze for 100 Nook Miles.